ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A local beer company is asking for the public’s help in finding a vandal who cut the power to their building and almost ruined thousands of gallons worth of beer early Thanksgiving morning.

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“I guess if someone is willing to come with a cutting torch, you scratch your head – what can I really do,” said John Degnaro, owner of Bombs Away Beer Company. Security camera footage taken early Thanksgiving morning shows a man sneaking around the property of the brewery near Central and Eubank.

Degnaro said, “Their intentions after that happened – we’re not aware if it was just a sabotage to ruin as much beer as possible or if they were going to then break into the place. We don’t know past that.”

He says he saw the video a few hours after it happened.

Security footage shows a man in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck pull up to the back of the building where the main power box was located and appear to break the lock before shutting the power off. The man then drives away and doesn’t appear to try to break in. When the power got shut off, an alarm alerted Degnaro.

“Once we discovered that the power had been shut off at the disconnect, we were able to turn the power back on and we have relocked it,” Degnaro said.

Had Degnaro not been notified of the outage quickly, he would have lost thousands of dollars worth of product. At Bombs Away, they have close to 7,500 gallons of beer in their fermenting tanks, reserve, and serving tanks.

“It looks like everything is running fine. There was no product loss, so that is good news,” Degnaro said.

Since they’re not sure what the man’s intentions were, Degnaro and his wife – who operates the business with him – are worried it might happen to them again or someone else. “You know, that’s a discussion that my wife and I have been having. We run the business together. We are always looking for weak points and vulnerabilities,” said Degnaro.

Now they are hoping the public can help them catch whoever did this. “We are offering a cash reward for any information that’s a unique truck and that person is someone that someone recognizes. We encourage them to come forward to us or to the police with any information they may have,” said Degnaro.

He’s hoping the reward will provide them with a lead of who this person is before they do this to someone else. Bombs Away is still waiting to hear back from the police. There’s been no word on if other businesses have had similar issues with this vandal.