LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – One New Mexico family is finally receiving closure after one of the suspects in their daughter’s disappearance took a plea deal. Last year, Anselmo Ortiz was arrested and charged with helping his cousin, Christopher Trujillo, kidnap Trujillo’s ex-girlfriend Cindy Rivera back in 2012.

Investigators say they found a voice recording made by Trujillo where he admitted to killing the 19-year-old but also started Ortiz was with him at the time. In court, Ortiz pled guilty to conspiracy to kidnap but as part of the plea, he must provide the location of her remains.

In exchange for the information regarding the recovery of Rivera, the state agreed to a total 10-year sentence. As for Trujillo, he killed himself in May 2022 just as the state was preparing to proceed with the prosecution of the case.