NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It has been a decade of arrests, getting breaks, and getting let out of jail every time with the promise she’ll behave. Meanwhile, Gabriela Wanderingspirit kept getting into trouble while wearing an ankle monitor from her past troubles. Friday, Second Judicial District Court Judge Courtney Weaks ruled Wanderingspirit will only do a year in jail after striking a plea deal in a case involving a road rage shooting in a stolen car.

“Based on the charges that you pled guilty to you are facing up to four years, less one day of jurisdiction, I’m going to sentence you to 364 days in the county jail and suspend the balance on the condition that you will be on the condition of supervised probation on that period of time,” said Judge Weaks.

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Three years ago, a Wanderingspirit was arrested after a police chase in a stolen car. Police were after her because her passenger shot at another driver after he yelled at them to watch what they were doing. That case was combined with two others that happened this year while she was awaiting trial. A felon driving around with a loaded gun and fentanyl, as well as a hit and run where she ran a stop sign, then ran from the crash scene with her baby. 

Wanderingspirit was wearing a GPS ankle monitor during both of those crimes. “Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. I just want to say that my lesson is learned and I’m happy, I’m not happy that this happened, but in a way, it’s been a blessing in disguise,” said Wanderingspirit.

The 28-year-old’s decade-long criminal record is filled with arrests for car theft, a home burglary, drugs, drug dealing, and DWI arrests stretching from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Most of the cases were dismissed for various reasons, as part of the plea deal including the shooting and felony with a gun charge. The D.A.’s office did file a motion to keep Wanderingspirit behind bars until trial after the road rage shooting and police chase in late 2019, but Judge Richard Brown denied the request.

Wanderingspirit’s passenger who fired those shots, Cruzeiro Gutierrez was sentenced to three years in prison in that case.