SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – One suspect is dead and another is in custody following an officer-involved shooting in one of New Mexico’s tourist hotspots on Wednesday. One man says he saw police chasing the suspect down Old Santa Fe Trail before shooting and killing him right near Loretto Chapel.

“There was a person running across the street and there was a police officer after him chasing him. He was either saying stop it, or drop it or stop. The guy turned looked back at him a little bit and that’s when the officer shot him, shot him twice, and went down,” said David Clay, a witness.

Santa Fe officials say the incident started a few blocks away at DeVargas Park, just after 10 a.m. when police responded to a fight between a man and woman. They say the man shot her and took off.

Minutes later, police located the suspect near Loretto Chapel. NMSP says during the chase, the suspect turned around and pointed a handgun at police and that’s when an officer shot him. A witness KRQE News 13 spoke to says the officer who shot him was shaken up afterward.

Santa Fe Police say Kalin Addison, 20, has been identified as one of the suspects involved in the shooting that sent one woman to the hospital. SFPD says Addison told officers her “sister” got into a fight with another woman.

During the fight, police say Addison grabbed the woman’s gun from her holster and hit her with it. She told police she didn’t mean to fire the gun, but she did and the woman was hit in the neck. Addison then gave the gun to a man, identified by police as Francisco Lino-Gutierrez. When police found him near Loretto Chapel, they say he turned and pointed the gun at police. An officer shot and killed him. The officer involved has not been identified.

Addison has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Online records show the 20-year-old was released from jail on Tuesday after being locked up on charges stemming from a February assault.

In that case, she’s accused of trying to steal booze from a Santa Fe grocery store, then throwing liquor bottles at the staff when they confronted her.