ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man accused of killing and leaving four bodies that were found in a vehicle parked at the Albuquerque Sunport is facing another murder charge. Sean Lannon has now been charged for the death of Randall Apostalon.

Lannon was originally facing three open counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping, and 14 counts of tampering with evidence in the deaths of Jennifer Lannon, Matthew Miller, and Jesten Mata.

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Police say Lannon also admitted to killing Randall Apostalon, the fourth body found at the Sunport but he was not previously charged for his murder until now. According to Lannon’s confession, Jennifer Lannon, Jesten Mata, and Matthew Miller were killed at Sean Lannon’s Grants home in January.

Lannon reportedly told police he shot and killed his ex-wife Jennifer first because she was allegedly having an affair with Jesten Mata. Authorities say a week later, Lannon lured Jesten back to the house where he was fatally shot.

Lannon claimed that Matthew Miller was in a sexually explicit picture with one of his kids which he why he killed him. Grants Police say there is no evidence Miller was molesting one of Lannon’s children.

In a criminal complaint, police have since charged Sean Lannon with an open count of murder and tampering with evidence in the death of Randall Apostalon. According to the complaint, the bodies of all four victims were discovered at the Sunport in Apostalon’s pickup truck.

Apostalon’s body was reportedly found intact in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, covered by a tarp. The three dismembered bodies of Jennifer Lannon, Jesten Mata, and Matthew Miller were discovered in the truck in storage bins.

The complaint states that footage from the airport showed the vehicle arriving at the Sunport parking garage and additional footage showed a male, later identified as Sean Lannon, walking away from the vehicle and getting into a cab in the arrivals area of the airport.

According to the complaint, Apostalon had recently been living in his truck and was known to take cash jobs performing maintenance or manual labor.

Sean Lannon reportedly contacted Apostalon through an acquaintance of Apostalon’s on February 24 and agreed to pay him cash to move some boxes for him and put them in storage. The complaint states that Lannon loaded the storage bins that contained the dismembered bodies into the back of Apostalon’s truck and the two men reportedly unsuccessfully looked for a storage area.

The complaint says in a police interview with Lannon, he reportedly said that after returning to an apartment complex, Apostalon told Lannon to remove the bins from his truck Lannon struck him several times in the face, knocking him unconscious before striking him in the head and face with a hammer. Lannon then admitted to police that he cleaned the interior of the truck and moved it to the corner of an apartment complex parking lot.

Lannon was arrested later that day for an outstanding warrant from Cibola County and was transported back to Grants where he was in jail until March 2. He was then picked up by an associate and driven back to Albuquerque where he saw the truck was still parked where he had left it.

The complaint states that on the morning of March 3, Lannon then drove the truck to the second level of the airport parking garage and left it there.

Lannon was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri in March. He is also accused of killing a man in New Jersey. Lannon remains in custody in New Jersey pending prosecution in that case.