Stray bullet flies into family’s living room, hits small dog


A rogue bullet went flying into a living room where three little girls and two dogs were sitting, and one of the dogs was hit. The girls’ parents say the dog saved their children’s lives.

“My dog instinctively felt something in him and he went right there and he took the bullet,” said Erika Montoya.

Montoya was home with her daughters and two dogs Wednesday afternoon when she heard a window shatter in the living room.

“I came in here and they were yelling and then I saw blood,” said Montoya.

In home surveillance video, you can see their miniature poodle, Jet, stand up on the couch in between the young girls. Montoya believes, in that very second, is when Jet got shot.

“He took the bullet and it didn’t ricochet inside,” said Montoya.

You can also see in the surveillance video Montoya telling at her daughters to hide under the bed while she called 911 and cared for Jet.

“He did like a yelp and I didn’t know if he was alive,” said Montoya.

Albuquerque police and firefighters got to the home near 98th and Central within minutes.

“We were expecting to find somebody shot and not an animal,” said firefighter Carlos Romero.

The fact that it was Jet didn’t slow them down. They treated the miniature poodle as best they could at the home, and then went out of their way to transport him to a 24-hour animal hospital.

“It’s a miracle that he’s alive. He’s so little and he has a big old bullet,” said Montoya.

Veterinarians say it is too risky to move the .45 caliber bullet, so now Jet has to live with it.

The Montoyas say they constantly hear shooting on the West Mesa.

“Sometimes it’s three to four times a week,” said Chris Montoya.

They want people to know they’re putting real lives in their crosshairs.

“Nobody should live in fear that you’re going to get shot in the middle of the day for no reason,” said Montoya.

APD says in response to this case, they are working with their Open Space Unit to create a tact plan to stop shootings on the West Mesa.

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