ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a tense situation when police arrived at a trailer in Alamogordo and didn’t know who to believe. A person barricaded himself in a room telling police he had a gun but his girlfriend said he was unarmed. The whole situation was caught on police lapel cameras.

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A 15-minute standoff ended with a tasing after police were called to a trailer on October 15 for a domestic dispute. There was a lot of yelling, alcohol and one big question — did suspect Ben Trevino have a gun?

“He says he has a gun,” said an officer in lapel video. “No, he doesn’t he doesn’t have a gun. I swear to god he doesn’t have a gun, please don’t shoot him,” the girlfriend responded.

Trevino kept opening and slamming a door in the trailer while officers were trying to figure out if he had a weapon. “I don’t know. She is covered in blood and that he is in the backroom yelling that he has a gun,” an officer said in lapel video.

Trevino tells police he had three weapons and officers repeatedly asked him to come out peacefully. He then starts causing damage to the room and knocking out a window. Officers take precautions as they learn his identity and realize he has arrests for aggravated assault. Trevino then comes out of the room and runs towards officers screaming “let’s go.”

He realizes the consequences of not following commands after he’s tased. Later, Trevino lets the officer know how well his equipment works. He was charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest, and attempted battery on a police officer. Trevino also has a warrant for failing to show up in court ton another case.