Carnival worker at State Fair arrested for beating man with a PVC pipe

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Police say two carnival employees duked it out at this year's state fair. That included one of them swinging a PVC pipe at another.

State Police say it started when two carnival workers got into a verbal spat. Police say it quickly turned violent right in the middle of the busiest area of the fair.

It started around 7:00 p.m. on Friday when police say witnesses saw Terry Farmer, of Indiana, start a fight with another carnival employee.

Farmer and the other man argued before the other man walked away and went back to work.

But police say Farmer clearly wasn't finished because he grabbed a PVC pipe from a nearby trailer, ran up behind the other man and hit him with it.

When Farmer appeared before Judge Christine Rodriguez this morning, she expressed concern that he's not from New Mexico. Farmer is from Indiana.

A public defender argued to have him released.

"I understand those arguments, Your Honor. However, having said that, Your Honor, my client has no criminal history. He does not have a failure to appear. Just because he's traveling, doesn't mean he's not going to show." 

Judge Rodriguez ultimately released Farmer on his own recognizance with pretrial supervision.

According to court background staff, Farmer has been employed with NM State Fair for 14-years now but has been calling Indiana home for the last 10-years.

A criminal complaint says the other employee, hit by Farmer, had minor injuries.


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