ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Shaheen Syed, the son of Muhammad Syed, was arraigned in federal court Thursday. He is charged with lying on documents to purchase guns and the feds believe he helped his father kill three Muslim men. Now, his attorney wants his federal trial moved out of New Mexico into Colorado.

His attorney says that is due to the international media coverage and the connection prosecutors made to Shaheen being involved with his father and the murder of three Muslim men. Syed is charged with using a Florida address and driver’s license to buy two weapons from an Albuquerque gun store in 2021. The problem is that he never actually lived at that address in Florida. Prosecutors have tied Shaheen to his father and the murders of Muslim men which is something the Albuquerque Police Department says they are looking into.

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On August 1, investigators say they have video of Shaheen and his father walking into a firearms store with an AK-47 type rifle spray painted white and purchased a scope. Six hours later, authorities believe that rifle was used in the murder of Muhammed Afzaal. In that shooting, there were 15 shots fired from two guns. Investigators say they’re still trying to figure out if there were two shooters.

Shaheen’s defense attorney also points to prosecutors showing cell phone records to try and tie him to the August 5 murders of Naeem Hussain. Investigators say cell phone towers show Shaheen’s phone was at the memorial service and that he called his father. Hussain left the memorial service and records show several phone calls between father and son and both were near the murder scene at the time of the killing.

Shaheen has not been charged with any of the murders. His father has been indicted on three murders. Shaheen has been ordered held until trial. No date has been set.