ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Just days after the City of Albuquerque and police announced their new “Metro 15” Operation is working, KRQE News 13 found out at least two suspects who were arrested, are unaccounted for.

Taking the worst criminals off the streets and keeping them locked up is the goal of the Metro 15. It was introduced by Albuquerque Police back in November.

Last week, APD announced they’ve arrested 20 people on the list, and admitted two have already been released. Eric Peralta, with charges ranging from aggravated assault to shoplifting. Michelle Glascock who has a number of drug and stolen car charges.

On Friday, Chief Mike Geier said he was frustrated to see these two back on the streets.

“To see them on the streets a week later, and sometimes two days later, the officers are going to give up hope if this continues,” he said.

KRQE News 13 took a closer look at the list of captured suspects. Elias Miyamoto was arrested on January 22 by the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office. However, Chaves County says they handed him over to the feds. We put in a call to the U.S. Attorney’s Office who told us they also don’t have him.

On Tuesday, a District Attorney spokesman got back to KRQE New 13 stating that Miyamoto is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Then there’s Ahmed Williams who was arrested January 7 by the U.S. Marshal’s in Albany, GA. The feds in Albuquerque say they don’t have him and neither does the county.

We tried asking Albuquerque Police spokesperson, Gilbert Gallegos, multiple times if he can tell us where these men are. KRQE News 13 has yet to get a response.

As for the other two who have been released, the District Attorney’s Office says they tried to file a motion to keep Peralta locked up but Judge Cristina Jaramillo rejected it. A District Court spokesperson did not want to comment on that.

The Office of the Superintendent says they never filed a motion to keep Glascock locked up because they weren’t given proper notice of her court dates.