ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Elizabeth Talamantes, the woman whose car was used in the high-profile murder of Albuquerque mother, Jackie Vigil, will spend the next five years behind bars for crimes she committed. Investigators say Luis Talamantes-Romero was driving his sister’s jeep in 2019 when they say he gunned down Vigil in her driveway during a robbery gone wrong.

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Court documents say his sister Elizabeth helped him hide, clean, and alter the jeep. They say she then drove him to San Antonio to evade the police. During the investigation, authorities found drugs and guns in her home. They say she was trying to send drugs and cell phones to inmates throughout the state including her brother.

In March, she pled guilty in federal court to those drug-related charges. After Talamantes serves five years, court documents say she can be deported.