ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A state police officer and a driver got quite the scare during a DWI stop in Albuquerque. Shots started ringing out nearby, sending them both ducking for cover – but that wasn’t the end of that stop that landed the woman behind bars.

Just after midnight under the Big-I, an officer tries to protect the driver he just pulled over; a suspected drunk driver who caught his eye flying down the interstate. The officer was heading south on I-25 back in October when the driver of a Toyota Camry merged onto the freeway right in front of him.

The car was speeding, changing lanes without a turn signal, and weaving. The driver would pull over on the Lomas exit. “So you don’t realize you were going 104, weaving in and out of traffic, tailing other people, not using your signal,” asked an officer on newly-obtained lapel video.

The officer says he smells alcohol and asks the driver to step out of the car to take some tests. During those tests, gunshots can be heard.

After a few minutes, it was back to the DWI arrest. The driver clearly rattled. “I apologize, sir. This is literally why I don’t come down to this area anymore. It’s very triggering to hear those things,” said the driver, 24-year-old Esperanza Pierson-Bobb. “Our town is dangerous.”

But on this night, the officer determines this driver was also dangerous – too dangerous to let go. Pierson-Bobb is placed under arrest for DWI.

Driver: Please do not do this to me this evening.
Officer: I did not do it to you.