ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say a woman who keeps getting caught in stolen vehicles and fleeing from them is at it again. Jennifer Christensen was arrested Thursday in a stolen vehicle while leaving the downs of Albuquerque.

The officer says she fled when he tried to pull her over. Air support followed her down Central as she ran red lights, sped, and wove through traffic. Officers used a spike strip to deflate two tires, they say Christensen continued to drive for a while before fleeing on foot. Air support helped officers on the ground find her.

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Christensen has a list of drug and stolen vehicle charges. She’s also the woman who showed up to Fire Station 9 with a man in 2016 trying to steal a firefighter’s personal vehicle, then rammed an AFR chief’s vehicle trying to get away, hurting a firefighter in the process. She got a plea deal and was out in six months.

In October of 2020, she was caught in another stolen vehicle near Lomas and Pennsylvania and allegedly fled. She was out on bond for this crime when she was arrested Thursday.

She’s being held without bond until she can have another hearing. Christensen’s attorney is calling for sanctions against prosecutors claiming they didn’t offer a deal in that case in good faith. Prosecutors say they did offer a deal but it involved four years of mandatory prison time and they rejected it. They say they will continue to work to put her behind bars for her crimes.