ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Prosecutors are now digging into what they say Sergio Almanza did after hitting and killing a 7-year-old outside of the River of Lights. In witness testimony on Wednesday, prosecutors highlighted what they say was a coordinated effort to cover up the crime.

Prosecutors brought one of Almanza’s friends, Edgar Casas, back to the stand. The prosecution said after the crash, Casas helped Almanza hide the damaged Can-Am ATV at Casas’s Albuquerque home.

John Duran: Did he tell you why he was there?
Edgar Casas: Yeah.
Duran: And what did he say?
Casas: He told me about the incident.
Duran: What did he say?
Casas: That he hit somebody.
Duran: That he hit a kid, didn’t he?
Casas: Yeah.

Casas’s testimony was paused Wednesday morning out of concern that he could be unintentionally incriminating himself. He’s since asked for a public defender and may retake the witness stand soon.

In the meantime, Casas’s mother, Elizabeth Escobar, was then called to testify. Prosecutors questioned her about what she heard the night that the ATV was stashed at her home. Speaking through a translator, Escobar got emotional when asked about what happened.

Greer Staley: And you said ‘Youyo (Sergio) seems more responsible than your son Edgar, is that right?
Elizabeth Escobar (translated into English): That’s right. That’s why when I found out about what happened, I couldn’t believe that it was ‘Youyo’.

Escobar also testified it was common for her son Edgar and his friends – including Almanza – to leave their UTVs there and then go drink. Prosecutors also called a former waitress to the stand Wednesday who used to work at the restaurant Almanza and his friends were drinking at on the day of the crash.