ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The suspect arrested in connection to the discovery of four bodies found in a vehicle parked at the Albuquerque Sunport has been charged. Sean Lannon, 47, is now facing three open counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping, and 14 counts of tampering with evidence in the deaths of Jennifer Lannon, Matthew Miller, and Jesten Mata. Police say Lannon also admitted to killing Randal Apostalon, the fourth body found at the Sunport, but has not been charged for that murder at this point.

Grants police say Sean Lannon did not keep his mouth shut and told a lot of different people about the crimes before confessing to police. According to Lannon’s confession, Jennifer Lannon, Jesten Mata, and Matthew Miller were killed at Lannon’s Grants home in January. Lannon told police he shot and killed his ex-wife Jennifer first because she was allegedly having an affair with Jesten Mata.

When Grants police started investigating, they found all carpet and padding had been removed from Lannon’s rental house. A witness later told investigators Lannon showed up at their house covered in so much bleach that his skin was blistered. The witness also said Lannon told her someone had died in the house.

Authorities say a week later, he lured Jesten back to the house using Jennifer’s phone where he then fatally shot him. Lannon claims his third victim, Matthew Miller, was in a sexually explicit picture with one of his kids. So the following week, he killed him. However, Grants police say there is no evidence that Miller was molesting one of Lannon’s kids.

After dismembering Jesten and Matthew’s bodies with handsaws, Lannon reportedly put them in containers and stored them in the backyard. According to court documents, Lannon stated the containers with bodies were moved into Randal Apostalon’s vehicle with the intention of moving them to a storage unit. Lannon said he killed Apostalon because he wanted more money for helping Lannon with the move.

Police believe all four bodies in the Albuquerque Sunport parking garage were there for less than two days before they were found. By the time the bodies were discovered, police say Lannon had already gone to New Jersey to drop off his kids at his mother-in-law’s house and was on his way back to New Mexico to kill again when a U.S. Marshal arrested him in Missouri. “Just the safety factor to the community. He’s already killed several people and he was on his way back, on his own statement, to harm someone else in this area. So it’s very important to the public we got him in custody right away,” said Lt. David Chavez from the Grants Police Department.

Most of the information about the killings is coming from Lannon himself. “His confession, honestly, really set up a good for us [sic]. The fact that they were able to get him in custody safely was really a good thing,” said Lt. Chavez.

Police say he and the first three victims have a long history of drug use. Currently, Lannon is in custody in New Jersey and accused of killing a man there. In that case, the 47-year-old is accused of breaking into a man’s home and beating him with a blunt object, according to the Associated Press.

Lannon has claimed he has killed a total of 16 people, 15 of them in New Mexico. Prosecutors in New Jersey said Sean Lannon made the claim after being arrested for the murder in New Jersey. This is a developing story, KRQE News 13 will provide information as it becomes available.