SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was an eerily similar call for Santa Fe police, just a couple of weeks after an officer was killed in a wrong-way crash. A woman forced into a car, the driver heading down I-25 – eventually going the wrong way.

After waiting for a break in oncoming traffic, police seize their chance – ramming the car and sending it careening into the cable barrier in the median. Santa Fe police were on the lookout for the Nissan a couple of weeks back after witnesses believed they saw a man force a woman into a car outside a TJ Maxx.

Within minutes, the driver was heading down Cerrillos Road and onto I-25, weaving in and out of traffic and avoiding spike belts.

At the Santo Domingo exit, the chase would take an even more dangerous turn. The driver crosses over the bridge heading the wrong way down the shoulder of northbound I-25 and heading into oncoming traffic to avoid the cars that pull over onto the shoulder.

Ten minutes later, state police jumped in and ended it.

As Nathaniel Bueno-Diaz complained about his leg, the officer gave the 22-year-old a lecture. Back in the police cars, Bueno-Diaz and his wife, who both have drug problems, explained they were fighting because he wouldn’t let go of her backpack that she wanted to take into TJ Maxx.

Officer: Why didn’t you stop?
Suspect: Because I love her, that’s why.

Turns out his wife was wanted for skipping out on a Walmart shoplifting case.

Officer: That’s the thing. Your car that you worked hard for is all damaged, bro.
Suspect: You know [who] has to pay for it? My mom, because it’s her car.

His wife had drugs on her and was taken to jail for her warrants. Bueno-Diaz was hit with a long list of charges including kidnapping because his wife wanted him to pull over. He’ll stay behind bars until his trial.