ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A judge decided the people of Albuquerque are much better off if a repeat speeding defender stays behind bars for a long while. It took driving down Montgomery at 140 mph for that decision to happen.

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Officer: Towing your car. Going to jail.
Driver: That’s why you can’t even afford a car like that, b****.

Dirty words were exchanged outside of the Dirty Bourbon. It was the end of a late Friday night operation for Albuquerque police, flooding Montgomery to nab street racers and general troublemakers.

“As he blew past me on my radar and he was doing 140,” an officer is heard saying on lapel video as officers exchange their stories about Adam Pacino and his Dodge Charger Hellcat. “You can smell this car, too. Like the heat, the clutch smell coming off of it. He was hot-rodding this car.”

Police say the 26-year-old loves to drive fast and doesn’t care if he kills someone to get his kicks. “As soon as he started blowing lights and he doubled back to fly right past us, I was like, ‘Oh no,'” an officer said.

Officers spotted Pacino doing 100 mph near Wyoming and let the chopper track him from above – going so fast, the Charger is glowing from all the heat it’s emitting. “Bro, it was crazy. And then we disengaged. He goes all the way up to Tramway, comes flying back down and that’s when he passed the sergeant or whoever at 140,” an officer said.

After making the five-mile round trip, he pulled into the parking lot at Eubank and tried to walk away in his Playboy hoodie as if nothing had happened. Then, he denied he was driving anything.

“There’s no proof. There’s no proof, huh?” Pacino said.
“Except for the $6 million helicopter up above,” answers the officer.
“That’s right. And then there was no face, huh?” Pacino said.

It gets worse, a lot worse. Police say he reeked of booze and had a loaded gun in the car.

A car he couldn’t stop bragging about. “Yeah, look at that car. It’s a $100,000 car,” Pacino said.

He was charged with aggravated DWI and reckless driving for the chase. He was also hit with a charge for negligent use of a gun because he was driving around with it while drunk. He’s been arrested before for racing, speeding, running stop signs, and meth.