RED RIVER, N.M. (KRQE) – Jacob Castillo, now officially charged with murder following Saturday’s deadly shootout at Red River motorcycle rally, said the man he shot attacked him first. According to court documents, Castillo and other members of the Water Dogs motorcycle club claimed they were trying to avoid a group of Bandidos near the merchandise tents. They said the Bandidos then started throwing punches.

Castillo admitted to shooting Damian Breaux but said it was only after Breaux rushed at him, punched him, and shot him in the shoulder. Despite Castillo’s story, he was charged with 1st-degree murder for Breaux’s death.

New Mexico State Police said cell phone video showed Castillo shooting at three men on the ground, one of whom fired back. Two other bikers were killed in the melee, one Bandido and one Water Dog, but it is still unclear who fired the shots that killed them.

Members of the Water Dogs told investigators that the conflict stemmed from a photo they took with members of another motorcycle club, the Mongols, at a wedding in what the Bandidos considered their territory.