ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Competency has come up again for the man accused of attacking a security guard with a knife. Police arrested James Morrison last week after they said he attacked the guard outside a Marshalls near Cottonwood Mall. Morrison was scheduled to appear in court virtually Tuesday for a pretrial detention hearing but he refused to come out of his jail cell.

That virtual hearing was reset for Thursday but Judge Brett Lovelace said he was combative with the guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center and was a no-show again. His lawyer called for a discussion on Morrison’s competency. “Based on my conversation with him yesterday, I do believe competency must be raised as soon as practicable,” said Travis Wagman, defense attorney.

The pretrial detention hearing was reset again for November 2.

Morrison’s competency has come up in other criminal cases. He was arrested in April 2022 after investigators said he beat an elderly woman at a bus stop. A judge ruled that he was dangerous but also incompetent to stand trial. He was ordered to go through mental health treatment and was later released.