MORA COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Prosecutors say a man accused of killing his brother could target local schools if he is released from jail. 20-year-old Jacob Alcon went into custody after allegedly killing his 25-year-old brother, Jerome, in Mora on Mar. 28.

A standoff occurred when police reported to Alcon’s residence on the day of the shooting. Police say Alcon put a gun to his own head and made comments suggesting he wanted to die. After Alcon’s arrest, investigators found handwritten messages on Jacob’s bedroom walls. The messages read, “Never forget everyone is your enemy,” and, “They will kill you first.”

Alcon is also accused of breaking into Mora High School, stealing knives, and ransacking classrooms, a week before he allegedly shot his brother. Prosecutors say Alcon is “fixated” on Mora schools and lives just 100 yards away.

Prosecutors argue that letting him out of jail would put everyone at the school in danger. A judge is set to decide on Monday, Apr. 3, whether or not to keep Alcon behind bars.