GALLUP, N.M. (KRQE) – A newly released police video shows a dramatic, high-speed, drunk-driving crash in the middle of a small New Mexico town. The driver walked away from the crash with only minor injuries but now has a warrant out for his arrest.

The video shows what finally stopped the car speeding through the streets of Gallup.

Officer: “Vehicle fled and went through the intersection of Ford and 66, failed to stop at a stop sign, and got sideswiped by a pickup truck.”

It happened just after midnight on a Saturday in April, and it all started with a car speeding past a New Mexico State Police Officer.

Officer: “Send me another unit. I had a vehicle going 83 on Montoya.”

The officer chased after the suspect, who continued speeding down Montoya, then turned onto the Miyamura Overpass – well ahead of the officer.

Just over the hill, the officer’s dash cam caught the suspect running a red light.

Officer: “As soon as he came down the hill, that’s when he went through the intersection and boom.”

Behind the wheel was 19-year-old Darren Snyder, who had two women in the car. Getting Snyder’s info wasn’t easy.

Snyder: “Officer, my homegirl needs attention back here.”

Officer: “Well, that’s what I’m trying to do, but you’re not cooperating with me.”

Snyder told officers he did not have much to drink.

Officer: “Be honest with me. How much have you had to drink tonight?”

Snyder: “Uhm I’m not too sure; I had like a can.”

Somehow, the driver of the other vehicle was not hurt. Snyder and his passengers were taken to the hospital, and officers found a twisted tea and a bottle of vodka in the car.

Officer: “Look at me. I need your attention, bud.”

At the hospital, Snyder seemed in and out of consciousness.

Officer: “You are under arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs.”

Snyder is facing DWI, fleeing, and other charges. Court records indicate that Snyder did not show up to a hearing in the case two weeks ago; he now has a warrant out for his arrest.