ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police are looking for five teens who they say were involved in the murder of a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police say these teens were involved in the killing Kayla Montano at a Maverick gas station on 3737 Princeton Dr NE back on March 25, 2022.

According to court documents, five arrest warrants are out for 19-year-old Diamond Salazar, 16-year-old Adam Sedillo, 15-year-old Estevan Lucero, 16-year-old Ty Gallegos, and 17-year-old Caprice Sicilia.

According to police Sicilia claims she and Salazar were robbed and pistol whipped when trying to buy drugs at a park. She then told police a cell phone had been stolen that had a tracking app on it and the teens believed the people who robbed them were in the Maverik gas station.

They met up with the three boys when Montano’s family pulled into the gas station in a black SUV. According to the complaint, the teens thought the people inside the black SUV were the ones who robbed them earlier.

Albuquerque Police Department says three of the five teens allegedly shot at the black SUV. Angela De Avila, family friend, said, “they weren’t there 10 seconds when the individual started shooting at them.”

After the shots rang out, the car Montano was in drove off and was found near Candelaria and San Mateo. Montano died on scene, and the driver had injuries as well.

Police say passengers in the back of the SUV ducked during the gunfire, avoiding any injuries. According to the complaint, screenshots from our news story of the incident when it happened were sent and discussed amongst the teens.

Text messages also show one of the teens, Ty Gallegos, communicating with his mother, asking her to take his gun so he doesn’t go to jail. APD says no arrests have been made.