There could be more trouble for Nehemiah Griego. 

KRQE News 13 has learned the now 21-year-old who killed his family back when he was 15 was investigated for something else inside the Metropolitan Detention Center — a sex crime. 

It’s against the rules in jail for inmates to have sex, period. However, according to a police report obtained by KRQE News 13, it could also be a sex crime because the other inmate is developmentally disabled. 

Earlier this year, a judge decided to send Nehemiah Griego to MDC instead of letting him go free when he turned 21. Before that, Griego was at a juvenile detention center for the murder of his parents and three younger siblings at their South Valley home in 2013. 

A police report states an inmate came forward in May to report that another inmate was performing oral sex on Nehemiah Griego on a bed in the psychiatric unit. 

According to investigators, the act was captured on video. 

The report states the inmate who performed the act on Griego is developmentally delayed. 

In a motion for a protective order filed last week in District Court by the District Attorney’s office, the MDC inmate who reported the act asks that his name be kept confidential because he’s afraid of what Griego might do to him. 

He goes on to say Griego has a history of making threats while behind bars, and is still a danger to society — something prosecutors keep saying. 

The inmate is also afraid that if his name gets out there, he’ll be labeled a snitch and targeted in jail. 

The DA’s office now has the case and will decide if Griego should be charged with rape. 

According to MDC’s website, Griego is now in segregation — away from everyone — including the witness who reported him. 

Nehemiah Griego will have his hearing in December to see if he should be re-sentenced and sent to prison as an adult, or simply set free.