Police say they’ve found the suspect accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed a woman at a northeast Albuquerque intersection early Wednesday morning. 

Albuquerque Police say 24-year old Casey Zuni will face charges of vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the crash with great bodily harm. 

The crash killed 28-year-old Alyssa Barboa of Albuquerque. Police say she died at the scene. 

It happened early Wednesday morning around 1 a.m. at the intersection of Comanche and Pennsylvania.  

Albuquerque Police say two cars collided in the middle of the intersection. The force of the crash sent one of the cars through a cinder block wall and into a backyard on the southwest corner of the intersection. 

Some neighbors heard the loud crash take place, including John Liljestrand. 

“There was a black SUV that was pretty beat up,” said Liljestrand, who went to the view the crash site himself. “The whole front end was basically sheared off.” 

Liljestrand said while he couldn’t see any victims, it was clear to him that someone had to have been hurt. 

“Just the amount of wreckage looked like somebody might be hurt,” he said. 

Another neighbor, Ashley Sanchez, says the crash destroyed a part of the backyard wall at her family’s home. 

“We’ve had crashes on this before, but nothing’s ever went through our wall,” said Sanchez. 

Police believe Zuni was heading westbound on Comanche before the crash happened. Investigators believe Zuni may have run a red light. 

“This individual may have been intoxicated,” said Simon Drobik, a spokesman for APD. 

Police say Zuni’s car collided with a southbound car on Pennsylvania. Three people were inside the car that was hit, including Alyssa Barboa who was killed. Two other passengers were injured. 

Police say after the crash, Zuni fled the scene. Witnesses told police Zuni hopped on a motorcycle with someone else. 

Through leads in the case, Albuquerque Police tracked Zuni down Wednesday. 

“They had evidence and they had witnessed enough to find this individual,” said Drobik. 

Police say because of Zuni’s injuries, he won’t be booked in jail until he recovers. Officers say that could be as long as a week. 

“He’s in a local hospital and so when he gets better, he’ll be charged and booked accordingly,” said Drobik. 

Police haven’t said if the motorcyclist Zuni is thought to have fled the scene with has been caught, but police say that person could face charges as well.