ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Once again Albuquerque’s crime problem has bled into the school community. Students at McKinley Middle School had to shelter in place because of the search for an armed suspect in the area.

Early Thursday, Albuquerque police found a stolen car two blocks from here with the suspect passed out inside. Once he came to, he took off, leading police on a chase, which ended right in front of the school.

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When officers arrived they ran the plates and discovered the car was stolen. Officers placed spike strips a block away on Palo Duro. The thief tried to drive off but crashed after hitting the spikes. Police say he then took off and ran through people’s yards before officers were able to take him into custody.

After learning about the incident, one parent says crime in the community is getting out of hand, especially when it happens so close to schools. “Especially the good kids, they don’t have to be around that stuff,” said Crystal Lopez. 

McKinley was on lockdown for about a half an hour. A daycare center nearby was also locked down during the incident but both campuses eventually opened up. Another parent says since these things happen so frequently, she’s thinking about transferring her son to a different school.

APS does have to regularly shelter in place at schools because of police activity all around the city. Police have not yet identified the suspect or said what charges he is facing.