ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A woman accused of setting a dozen fires in the Bosque in May of 2022 accepted a plea deal earlier this month and is now out of jail. Cristina Castorena-Noble pleaded guilty to one count of arson for starting 12 fires just south of the Hispanic Cultural Center near Second Street and Woodward Road on May 18 of last year.

Plumes of smoke coming out of the Bosque had first responders, searching for both the fires and who caused them. When police arrested her, Castorena-Noble told them why she did it.

Officer: You shouldn’t be lighting fires.
Cristina: Well, I’m looking for my missing children and my mom and dad. I was calling for life support.
Officer: Get in the car, Cristina.
Cristina: I have no f***** phone, what else did you want me to do?

It was a hot, dry day and first responders had a tough time putting out the flames.

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Castorena-Noble, on the day, continued to proclaim her innocence.

Cristina: I didn’t start the fire, officer.
Officer: We saw ou
Cristina: No, you did not.

Earlier this month, prosecutors combined three cases for her to plea to. In addition to arson, she pled guilty to attempted burglary and two counts of battery on a peace officer. She faced five years because she is a habitual offender.

As part of the plea, four years were suspended and she was given time served for the remainder of the sentence. Cristina Castorena-Noble will have to serve four years of probation. When this agreement was signed on May 11, she was immediately released from MDC.