ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two Albuquerque parents are warning others that there could be a child predator on the streets after a close call with their daughter. “It’s very, very important that everyone realizes that this is somebody who predates children. He did not get my child which means, he’s probably looking for somebody else,” said Shaun Payne.

Thursday morning, their 12-year-old daughter was walking their Great Dane at Netherwood Park near Princeton and Indian School, but when she came back home, she was visibly shaken. “Our almost 13-year-old tears up our front steps, sobbing and barefooted,” said Liz Payne.

Her parents say a man in a red car, wearing a black and grey ski mask cornered her just blocks away from their home. “He said, ‘don’t run, don’t scream, give me your shoes.’ He was in a full face mask, black and grey,” said Liz Payne.

They say their daughter threw her shoes in the car and ran home. The Paynes say they don’t understand why someone would want their daughter’s sandals.

“When the officer arrived, he said he wasn’t after her shoes. He was trying to get close enough to grab her,” said Liz Payne.

The Paynes say they’re grateful they’ve talked to their kids about how to respond to this type of situation, and hope other parents will have that conversation with their kids too. If you recognized the red car, you’re urged to call the police. The Albuquerque Police Department says they responded to the reported robbery, but don’t have any suspect leads.

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