TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. (KRQE) – A father is accused of letting his young son drown, then pretending for weeks to law enforcement and his own family, the boy was still alive. Friday, a judge ruled he is too dangerous to be out on the streets.

Major concerns from the judge over what Shaquille Ferguson Sr. did not do following the death of his five-year-old son. New Mexico State Police testified that the Shaquille Jr. was last seen going down the Rio Grande with his father at Rotary Park in T or C in late May. When the father returned without his son, he told his family the boy was with other family members, a story he kept up for the next three weeks.

NMSP says he even told it to investigators after the child’s grandmother reported the five-year-old missing but later Ferguson changed his story, telling investigators he took the boy into the water on his shoulders then slipped and lost hold of him.

According to his interview, Ferguson pulled his son’s body from the water and tried to give him CPR but he was unresponsive. That’s when he says he walked away and did not tell anyone what happened. Shaquille Jr.’s body was found seven miles downriver. The state also presented evidence from a witness who saw the father and son at a local motel a few days before the disappearance.

The witness said she heard Shaquille Jr. crying out and looked into the motel room to see the boy hogtied to the bed. Friday, Judge Roscoe Woods agreed with the state, Ferguson would be a danger if released.

Ferguson is charged with negligence and deadly child abuse.