Warning: Video above contains graphic content that may be difficult to watch

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Video shows the moments an Oklahoma man led police on a high-speed chase from Mountainair all the way to Bosque Farms. That man was ultimately shot by police after they say he used his pickup truck as a weapon against them.

The March chase started in Mountainair when Torrance County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call a The Rock Motel. Police say the caller, Oklahoma man, Joshua Francis, claimed he was holding a woman hostage, was trashing his room, and told dispatchers he had two guns and was ready to kill officers.

The chase seemed to be coming to an end when a train made it impossible to keep going, but that merely slowed Francis down. Once the train had passed, Francis took off. That’s when the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office got involved, laying a spike strip. That didn’t slow Francis down either, finally, Torrance County deputies stopped him in Bosque Farms after performing multiple pit maneuvers on his Chevy Silverado.

He still wasn’t ready to give up when Francis tried to drive away once more, a Torrance County deputy shot through his front windshield. Francis tried getting away again when another Torrance County deputy got out of his car and shot him.

Officers pulled Francis from his truck and called paramedics, one of the deputies who shot Francis was visibly shaken. Lapel footage shows him crying, and being consoled by fellow deputies. Francis who was shot in the eye and arm would live. He was transported to UNM Hospital where he told medical staff that the incident was an act of police brutality.

Francis was released from the hospital after a few days. He was charged with two counts of aggravated battery, accused of using his truck as a weapon against the deputies. He’s also charged for damaging his motel room.