ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New, graphic video shows what exactly happened during a deadly police shooting in an Albuquerque arroyo last year. Court documents reveal why the man involved shouldn’t have been out on the streets in the first place.

Officer: Stop the car! Albuquerque Police! 

Officer: Vehicle’s fleeing.

John Withers took Albuquerque police on a chase on April 6, 2022, after police say the 20-year-old carjacked a BMW.

Carjacking Victim: Then, while I was waiting in my car, some dude just came up, opened my door, popped a gun, and told me to get out.

Officer: And he took the car away? 

Carjacking Victim: Yes.  

Withers parked the car on Osuna near Wyoming and ran into a nearby arroyo, police say holding a handgun. Officers run after him, yelling at him to stop. Instead, Withers shoots first and officers fire back.

Officer: Drop the gun! Albuquerque Police Department!

Officer: We’re going to handcuff him, we’re going to move up, and we’re going to get him rescue, okay?

Withers is no stranger to law enforcement. After turning 18, he racked up arrests for armed robbery, car theft, firing a gun into the air, and running from police at least three times. He had one case dismissed after an officer failed to show up. He also avoided jail time after taking a plea agreement and getting probation after police say he drove recklessly in a stolen car. It doesn’t end there.

Withers was being held in jail until trial after police say he robbed a Circle K. The store clerk failed to show up to pre-trial interviews, which led to the case being dismissed and Withers being let out of jail. He was released the same day as his deadly encounter with police. It’s unclear why the store clerk did not show up to court or respond to the state’s efforts to reach her.

After the shooting, first responders tried to render medical aid to Withers. He was pronounced dead on the scene.