ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – KRQE News 13 obtained a new video of the moments the mass shooting in Farmington began last month – it is the lapel video from the New Mexico State Police (NMSP) Officer who was shot responding to the scene. The shooting ended in three people being killed and at least six injured.

“They have shots fired at 212 E Navajo Street. Multiple casualties. I’m on my way,” Officer Andreas Stamatiadis, with NMSP, can be heard saying.

When Officer Stamatiadis got the call on the morning of May 15th that a shooter was loose in Farmington, he wasted no time heading toward the direction of the gunfire. In driving to the scene, he headed directly into the shooter’s crosshairs.

“1441 I got shot! I am shot!” Stamatiadis can be heard saying.

After being shot, Stamatiadis alerts dispatch that he is driving himself to the hospital: “1441 I’m moving to San Juan Medical Center.”

His car unit window gets shattered by the bullet. He first tries to roll it down, but eventually punches it out with his one working arm, presumably, to be able to see out of the window. Minutes later, he makes it to the hospital.

“Who is responsible over here? Alright, I have been shot in my hand, so where are we going?” Stamatiadis asks.

A spokesperson for NMSP says Officer Stamatiadis underwent surgery that day in the hospital and was discharged later that night. He is expected to make a full recovery.