NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A New Mexico man and woman were indicted in federal court Friday. Gilbert John Jr., 33, a member of the Navajo nation is accused of second degree murder. Kendra K. Panteah, 34, a member of the Zuni Pueblo is accused of kidnapping resulting in death.

According to court records, the victim who’s identity is not released, was traveling with Panteah and two other people in July 2019. The group traveled to Arizona and back to New Mexico, at some point the passengers in the car allegedly beat up the victim and put him in the trunk.

Panteah then allegedly called John and drove to his apartment to tell him what happened. The duo allegedly then drove from Gallup to the Navajo nation and drove around for a day with the victim still in the trunk. Records say the victim was able to get out of the trunk and John allegedly stabbed him and the duo put him back into the trunk.

The duo allegedly drove to a house in Standing Rock where they left the car for about 10 days. John then returned and allegedly towed the car and drove it into a canyon. He then allegedly doused the car in gas and burned it. John will stay in custody pending trial, Panteah was conditionally released to a halfway house pending trial. A trial date for either has not yet been set.