SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the community continues to mourn the death of high school basketball star J.B. White, we’re learning new details of the teen who’s accused of killing him. According to community members, the suspect has a history of violence.

It didn’t take long for the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office to arrest 16-year-old Estevan Montoya on Saturday. Now, a concerned citizen has come forward to tell KRQE News 13 this isn’t the first time Montoya has been at the center of a violent encounter.

According to a criminal complaint, back in January, Montoya was accused of pointing a gun at another student at Capital High School. However, he was never charged with any type of assault, just possession of drugs.

After the incident, police found a BB gun, however, they still believe a real gun was used in the incident. Police say they tried to ask Montoya about it, but he denied having a real gun. Police say they still weren’t able to find a real gun.

Someone close to the case sent KRQE News 13 photos claiming that just a few days later, Montoya shot at a car at a park in Santa Fe. The student that Montoya pointed his gun at, just happened to be nearby.

The person who sent KRQE News 13 the photos wants to stay anonymous for fear of retaliation. He says J.B. White would still be alive today had Santa Fe Police stopped Montoya back in January. “Santa Fe Police dropped the ball. I kept telling them, you guys aren’t looking for a f— bb gun,” he says.

KRQE News 13 reached out to Santa Fe Police about these accusations, but haven’t heard back yet. However, the department did post a message on Facebook on Sunday, encouraging parents and guardians to keep their guns locked up and away from their kids.

The department goes on to say there is no reason a juvenile should be in possession of a gun without parental supervision. The concerned citizen told us he believes J.B. White was not a target at the party and that he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The District Attorney announced on Monday that they will seek adult sanctions for White’s murder and they’ll ask a judge that he be held without bond.

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