RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – We’re learning more about the New Mexican teen accused of killing his father over the weekend. Rio Rancho police officers responded to a home on North Pole Loop on December 10 and found Michael Skinner dead in a bathtub off the master bedroom.

According to the criminal complaint, Michael’s 19-year-old son Zane was the one to call the police. They say he eventually admitted to shooting his father twice with a handgun and stabbing him multiple times. Police say he told them he went into his dad’s bedroom where he was sleeping, woke him up, and asked him if he abused animals. He then killed him.

The complaint says he waited 24 hours to call the police because he was originally going to try and dispose of the body. On the night of the murder, neighbors say they heard a loud bang and the garage door opening and closing frequently. A nanny next door told KRQE just last month Zane tried breaking into their home. 

According to the criminal complaint for that case, when Rio Rancho police arrived, Skinner said he was trying to get in to look around. At one point, he tried running from officers before arming himself with his skateboard and even tried to tackle an officer.

Zane was charged with criminal trespassing, assault on a police officer, and resisting an officer. He was released on pre-trial services but on the day of the murder, prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his conditions of release for failing to report to pre-trial services. Skinner is now charged with murder.

The father, Michael Skinner, worked as a contractor in Albuquerque. He just turned 49 a couple of weeks ago.