ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  Arthur Aragon is being described as a nightmare neighbor and now he is in federal custody after throwing a Molotov cocktail in a neighbor’s yard. Many neighbors say they’ve been living in fear for more than two years dealing with threats, harassment, and having to look over their shoulders every time they step outside. “Property damage, vandalism threats to my life, has shot at us with a BB gun, has multiple times tried to set the backyard on fire with Molotov cocktails,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

Surveillance video shows Aragon’s latest attempt to harass neighbors by igniting and throwing a Molotov cocktail over his yard. “We’ve been watering the backyard in water to make sure that if he throws something… just to make sure that it’s not going to set anything on fire,” said a neighbor.

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The homeowner of the property told KRQE News 13 that these issues began with Aragon’s neighbor across the street. A criminal complaint filed in April of 2020 states that Aragon fired a pellet gun leaving over $1,000 worth of damage to another home. “He harassed her so much that she had to move, gave up her house, and eventually died because of all the stress, then he turned his anger on us,” said a neighbor.

Two months later, Aragon had begun targeting others in the neighborhood. This time those that live next door, throwing cans and chunks of concrete into their backyard. Neighbors say there was also damage to their vehicles. “He has no respect for anybody and he’ll do anything to hurt people and that’s just how difficult it is with him. It has been escalating to this point where we don’t even feel safe in our own house,” said a neighbor.

With their problems escalating, neighbors say they’ve made multiple calls to police to charge him with these crimes and hoping he’ll remain behind bars. “Arthur needs to be held accountable, regardless of his mental state. That’s what I would like to see and I’d like to see the harassment and the damages stop,” said a neighbor. “I’m just hoping for someone to listen to us so they can help him out and take him away from here because he’s dangerous,” said a neighbor.

Aragon’s neighbors say they have thought about moving, but say they want to stick it out and fight for their homes. The feds investigated the Molotov cocktail incident and have charged Aragon with having a device that was not registered in the national firearms registration and transfer record.