ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Neighbors have been complaining about the homeless campers and drug users in Morningside Park, the heart of Nob Hill, for years. Now, after a murder at the park, they are asking for help.

“Anne” has called Nob Hill home for the past 30 years and has noticed how the homeless problem has grown in the area. She understands there’s a homeless issue in Albuquerque but wants the city to take action. “No, I do not want our parks being campgrounds on the other hand where are they going to stay I do have some sympathy,” said Anne.

“Amy” has been living in the area for 12 years and due to seeing the homeless at the park she decided it was better for her family to stop going there altogether. “At the park, there would be homeless people sleeping, bottles everywhere, just trash not a place where I would take my kid or where I would even go and enjoy myself,” said Amy.

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KRQE News 13 reached out to Parks and Rec to see if they are any plans to add more security to the park, they sent this statement:

The Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) did a significant security project at Morningside Park in FY20. We had a fence and lighting installed around the well house building to prevent the area from being used by the homeless and/or for drug use; and we added another light and upgraded others. We have also put down rock in some places to deter camping along the north fence. This project was done with neighborhood input and neighbors tell us these measures have helped.  

Next, PRD has $250,000 for improvements to the playground Morningside.  We will start that project in 2023.  As we plan this project, we’ll discuss and consider other potential improvements, including security projects. 

In the meantime, the City responds to encampments and we are encouraging park activation events.  PRD will be supporting an evening neighborhood event in September.

Dave Simon, Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Director