ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More information is coming to light about the University of New Mexico student who was killed over the weekend. Brandon Travis was not from New Mexico but from Inglewood, California.

Neither police nor UNM have released information about him but News 13 has found a and GoFundMe posted by his family, which reveals more. His family says Travis was on an academic scholarship at UNM and involved in several on-campus programs.

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KRQE has learned he was a 2021 graduate from Inglewood High School where he played football. UNM Athletics says he did not play sports at UNM.

The family also added that the “image of Brandon from this incident is far from his normal self.”

News 13 has reached out to the family to see if they were willing to share more. They said they would consider it.

The Travis family did provide the following statement:

“On 11/19/2022, our beloved Brandon Travis lost his life in a deadly altercation that took place on the University of New Mexico college campus. Something that could have been prevented. A viral video that shows the individual involved in the shooting, as well as other students from New Mexico State University assaulting him, has been shared. The video shows Brandon being assaulted in the fetal position, defenseless as he is repeatedly kicked and punched. Standing nearby, the officer did not intervene to stop the attack.

Here we are with this dilemma. Instead of being notified through the proper channels, we were notified through social media and heinous news articles, painting an extremely inaccurate picture of Brandon.

The other individual involved may have been a star NCAA basketball player in New Mexico. However, Brandon also has many accolades and accomplishments as well. These were failed to be mentioned as a representation of who he was.

Brandon began attending the University of New Mexico in August on an academic scholarship because of the scholar he was. He also was the President of African American Studies at UNM, mentoring and guiding other students around campus. While in high school, Brandon was ranked among the Top 5 Football players in Los Angeles County. Averaging a 3.4 GPA, Brandon had dreams and goals to make changes in the world until that chance was taken away from him.

In any situation, Brandon was respected, well-mannered, & helpful. His peers speak highly on the positive light he was and how he had a smile that could brighten up your day.

Our family is suffering and want answers and the truth to surface. Instead of celebrating the Holiday this year, which he would have been flying home Tueday to attend, we will be planning a burial for a bright and intelligent young man who deserves justice and his truths to be heard – versus that stance certain media has taken to tarnish his accomplishments and paint him as a statistic.

Our family is asking for all support at this time as we begin to celebrate the life of Brandon Travis and prepare for his homegoing. On behalf of the Travis family, we want to thank KTLA for giving us the platform to express the star Brandon was to our family and his peers.”

The Travis Family