DURANGO, Colo. (KRQE) – Mark Redwine, the Colorado man accused of killing his son, is back in the courtroom on Tuesday for day two of his murder trial. The prosecution brought several of Dylan’s childhood friends to the stand with some testifying that Dylan did not want the court-ordered visit with his father. First to take the stand on Tuesday was Dylan Redwine’s best friend Ryan Nava.

He says he texted Dylan after he didn’t show up to his house as planned back in November 2012 when he was in town visiting his father. “I became more worried and later I told him ‘dude you need to call somebody, anybody as soon as possible. We’re all worried about you,'” said Nava.

Nava described how other friends also started to get worried. The defense challenged that, getting Nava to admit cell service was bad in the area and tried to paint a picture of Mark and Dylan as a close father-son duo.

“I had seen them interact a few times,” said Nava. “Safe to say you got the impression that Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine were best friends, correct,” pressed the defense. “I remember saying that and I thought that yeah,” Nava said.

Several of Dylan’s childhood friends took the stand. Some broke down recalling the days after his disappearance and the text messages they sent while he was missing.

“It breaks my heart to know you’re gone. I hope we find you because you mean so much to me, you’re amazing and hilarious and I’m doing as much as I can to find you,” said Amanda Saxton, one of Dylan’s childhood friends.

Prosecutors claim Redwine murdered Dylan that night over compromising photos the 13-year-old found of Mark wearing women’s underwear and eating what appeared to be feces out of a diaper. Dylan’s skull was found by hikers three years later and forensic experts said his injuries were consistent with forced trauma. Redwine told investigators he left Dylan home alone to run errands and came home to find him missing.

The defense said Dylan had previously confronted his father about the photos and there was no issue. They claimed Dylan was killed by a wild animal and pointed out his interests in fishing and outdoor activities during the cross-examination of Dylan’s childhood friends. At least one friend testified that Dylan had never talked about running away and multiple testified that he did not want to go on the court-ordered visit to his dad.

“He really didn’t want to go….I could see fear and sadness in his eyes,” said Joseph Ceballos, another childhood friend of Dylan’s. “He did not want to see his father,” said Cristen Baird, Dylan’s childhood friend.

Former employees at a Durango Walmart and the area airport also testified, going through surveillance videos of the last few times Dylan was seen alive. Mark Redwine is being charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. If convicted, he could face up to 48 years in prison.