Man with stalking history makes bizarre visit to Rio Rancho woman’s home


A Rio Rancho woman says she had a close call with a man, who has a history of stalking, and can’t figure out why she was targeted.

“This guy just showed up and left a bunch of his trash in my yard,” said Carol.

‘Carol’ isn’t this woman’s real name. She’s afraid to give it or show her face because she’s worried this man will come back to her home, like he did just before midnight last Wednesday.

“He got out of the truck, walked back to his truck, and then walked back to the front of his truck and lit a cigarette,” she said. “Then he went to the back of his truck and grabbed a chess board, and an ‘Elect Pacheco’ sign, and came up to my front door. Stuck the Pacheco sign in the bars of my security door, and placed the checkered board next to my door.”

Then he left a few more items at the edge of Carol’s driveway.

“He came back to his truck and threw out decks of cards, some kind of pole, and a Bible,” she said.

Rio Rancho Police say this man is 39-year-old Keith Kosirog. He’s someone they’re very familiar with. Police say he has a history of stalking.

“It’s very scary, very scary,” said Carol.

Last year, Kosirog was accused of stalking, after leaving a signed threatening message at the memorial site of Rio Rancho Police Officer Anthony Haase, who died in 2014.

Kosirog threatened to kill the father-in-law of Officer Haase.

On Wednesday, Kosirog again left a note, but addressed it to a woman named Jaclyn, which is no one ‘Carol’ knows.

“This is what the note, I found in the Bible that he left in my yard. He threw from his truck as he was pulling away,” she said.

Carol feels grateful she and her family were unharmed and hopes it’s the last she hears of him.

“I’m not the girl you think I am. Leave me alone, please. I don’t know you, don’t want to know you,” she said.

Since this happened, Kosirog was picked up on a warrant out of Quay County for breaking and entering. He’s currently behind bars in Sandoval County.

No word on what charges he may face from this latest incident.

Carol says Kosirog didn’t damage anything at her home, he just left a mess that she had to clean up the next morning.

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