ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Roswell Police were taken on a chase that had an ending that shocked even them. The truck ended up in a ravine. In the backseat, the suspect’s baby and girlfriend.

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It was the end of a long chase through Roswell. The driver, someone officers recognized. Christopher De la Torre who they had pulled over two weeks earlier.

“Sorry man I thought you were RPD,” De la Torre told officers.

“We are RPD,” the officer replied

“Then I’m not sorry,” De la Torre said.

In that case, he had his baby in the backseat along with guns and drugs. This night, someone else they knew, the baby’s mother, Monique Isaacs.

“My baby is back here,” Isaacs told police.

“Okay, we will get the baby,” an officer said.

Police say as De La Torre ran stop signs and reached speeds of 90 miles per hour. He had a third passenger, the couple’s three-month-old daughter in the back.

The officer finds the baby in a car seat thankfully unhurt, but she could have been.

Police say the truck blew through a fence and drove through a pecan orchard, then through the mud and down a ravine.

The truck only stopped because it got stuck on piles of branches. The officers get the baby to safety and her dad goes to jail.

From online court records, it appears the mother was not charged with anything. De La Torre is facing child abuse charges. He was arrested again nine days later after being found with his daughter when officers arrived to do a welfare check. He wasn’t supposed to be around her. Court records indicate those charges were later dropped because the prosecutor failed to show to a hearing.