ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There is a police video of an Albuquerque driver after he plowed through a traffic closure at Balloon Fiesta. Two public service aides and a police officer directing traffic were lucky to escape the ordeal without any major injuries. As for the driver, he had no remorse.

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People were driving to a Balloon Glow at Fiesta on Friday, October 8. That’s when police say Brandon Baldwin was driving eastbound on Alameda outside the park when he didn’t want to follow two public service aides’ directions.

“I told him to turn right he stopped for a second, he started going my wrist kind of hurt and then I tried to move out of the way and the mirror hit me in the back of the head,” said a public service aide in lapel video.

Baldwin kept heading up Alameda when a police officer tried to stop him. “So I get in front of it and get my flashlight out and tell him to pull over, maybe it was an accident. So I start pulling him over like this. He has tinted windshield so I can’t really see what he is doing. Then all of a sudden he just floors it. I kind of cheat off to the right, and slam my flashlight into his hood then my right hip glances off his right corner,” said an officer in the lapel video.

Baldwin finally stopped at Alameda and Jefferson but was in no mood to cooperate. An officer punctured his tires so he couldn’t take off again. Police finally got him out of the truck. He refused to speak to officers until they charged him with drunk driving. Then he had a lot to say.

Baldwin: “So is that on the video?”
Officer: “Yeah.”
Baldwin: “So you can smell the alcohol on through the video?”
Officer: “No I can smell it. So can everyone else who has been around you.”

Police found an open bottle of whiskey and an open beer in the truck. Baldwin is charged with DWI and three counts of aggravated battery.