Terry White, the man accused of murdering his wife’s ex-husband, was sentenced Thursday. 

In June, a jury convicted White of murdering Don Fluitt at his northwest Albuquerque home in December 2016. White was sentenced to 42 years in prison Thursday — the maximum — after family and friends begged the judge to give him the max.

Fluitt was found stabbed in his garage on the westside, amid a custody battle with his ex-wife, Christine White, over their then-11-year-old daughter.

Fluitt’s family says justice is only half-done as of Thursday, though, as they believe Christine was behind the murder. Yet, she’s currently walking free.

When White addressed the court before the sentence was imposed, he refused to admit he committed a crime and refused to apologize to the Fluitt family, maintaining his innocence.

“I have always said I was innocent. I will continue to say so,” White said. “So no, I won’t be apologizing to the Fluitt family for a murder I did not commit.”

He went on to ramble about how much he hated his lawyer, then told his life story, claiming no one in the courtroom really knew him.

Dennis Fluitt, brother to Don, told KRQE News 13 that while White getting the max sentence was a relief, this story isn’t over until Christine is held accountable.

“The wife of that man is the one who planned this murder. Make no mistake about it. She’s raising my niece in another state and until they charge her, try her and convict her, we’re not going to have complete justice,” Dennis Fluitt said.

Christine was initially charged in the murder, but the charges were later dropped. The DA’s Office says the investigation into her is ongoing and that first degree murder doesn’t have a statute of limitation.

At one point, investigators said Christine came up with a plot for Terry to kill himself in jail so that she could cash in on his life insurance.