ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man who took a gun into an Albuquerque movie theater will serve an 18-month prison sentence. On Wednesday, November 1, Darnell Hill pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him after he carried an AR-15-style rifle into the Flix Brewhouse off of La Orilla Road.

The crimes took place on Friday, March 24, when Hill went into the theater’s kitchen and confronted some employees with a gun. The workers were able to swarm Hill, take his gun, and call the police.

At his sentencing, Hill apologized for his actions, saying he did not intend to hurt anyone. Judge Loveless was not swayed by Hill’s words, saying, “I suspect you would be in the same boat if you were at the movies with your family. If you saw a guy walk into a movie theater with an AR-15, you would think the worst.”

Hill pleaded guilty to the charges of unlawful carrying of a firearm in a licensed liquor establishment and negligent use of a deadly weapon. Judge Brett Loveless sentenced the man to 18 months.

Hill has spent more than seven months behind bars and will finish his sentence at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Hill is now also prohibited from returning to the theater.