ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A suspected rapist accused of committing another sexual assault while out of jail awaiting trial will stay behind bars for now. Angello Charley is accused of beating and raping a woman in September after she refused to kiss him.

The state pushed to keep him locked up until trial but Judge Britt Baca Miller ruled to release him under strict conditions and with a GPS monitor. While he was out, prosecutors say the 18-year-old was pursuing underage girls on Instagram.

They say he also showed up to a 15-year-old’s home and tried to force her into sex, all while on the ankle monitor. “I am extremely troubled by the allegations that the defendant has had contact with a minor. He will be remanded, the defendant will report to MDC by 8-o’clock tonight,” said Judge Clara Moran.

Prosecutors are also asking a judge to force pretrial services to hand over the location data from Charley’s GPS monitor to show he was at the girl’s home.