Man convicted of voyeurism sentenced to three more years in prison


The Albuquerque man who secretly recorded young girls in a restroom will spend more time in prison. 

Mark Webb was sentenced to seven months for voyeurism in 2017, but prosecutors also wanted to charge him with manufacturing child pornography. The court of appeals sided with the state and Webb pleaded guilty to more charges last year. 

During sentencing on Monday, prosecutors and victims of the family asked for the maximum of six years, but Webb’s attorneys thought probation was enough. 

At one point, Judge Jacqueline Flores called out Webb for not apologizing in an appropriate manner. 

“The state said I never apologized, but I apologized repeatedly. He wasn’t there in testimony so he doesn’t know,” Webb stated. 

“I think the problem is you’re not accepting responsibility. Can you please wrap this up?” Judge Flores responded. 

Judge Flores ended up sentencing Webb to three more years in prison. He’ll also need to register as a sex offender. 

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