ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Ralph Vasquez, the man convicted of rape and kidnapping, is on the run tonight after he was supposed to turn himself in Friday to serve out his sentencing and cut off his GPS ankle monitor. “He was convicted Wednesday. And now today’s Friday, and we don’t know where he is, because he took off his GPS monitor that was court-ordered,” said Lauren Rodriguez, a spokesperson with the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office.

It all began in February 2020, when Vasquez’s then-girlfriend caught him talking to his ex-girlfriend. An argument followed and she served Vasquez with an eviction notice. A week later Vasquez was drunk and began to argue with her about the eviction, then he attacked her.

Police later found Vasquez and arrested him for rape and kidnapping. The district attorney’s office fought to keep him behind bars back then. “We did not win the preventative detention motion, it was denied. So he was released. He has been out on a GPS monitor ever since,” said Rodriguez.

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Fast forward to this year when Vasquez went to trial. Judge Whitaker gave him the max of 9 years in prison. The DA’s office asked Judge Stanley Whitaker to hold his sentencing in person, out of fear Vasquez was a flight risk. Judge Whitaker opted to sentence Vasquez over Zoom Wednesday and ordered him to turn himself in Friday.

Just as the DA’s office was worried about, he cut off his ankle monitor and took off. “We have tried multiple times to have this person serve out his consequence of his crime. And we finally have that resolution and to not have him in court, to be detained, and to have him not show up. To serve out the sentence is really frustrating for us,” said Rodriguez

Vasquez does have another domestic violence charge from 2019. If you see Vasquez or know where he is, call Albuquerque Police.