A man convicted of child sex crimes is headed to jail after violating his probation for a fourth time. A judge finally put her foot down, to an extent.

Back in 2008 and 2011, Peter Oritz was arrested and later sentenced to only probation for separate cases involving luring young girls.

The first case, in ’08, was when he was busted for trying to meet up with and pay for sex with a 10-year-old girl who turned out to be a cop.

The other case, in ’11, was when he posed as an Albuquerque Police Officer and called women and young girls on the phone, asking them inappropriate questions.

For the cases, combined, he was given five years probation but was told that if he messed up, he’d go away for 18 years. Three times since, he’s messed up, but he has never been sentenced to 18 years.

This most recent violation comes after his probation officer told him to stay away from a woman he was involved in a domestic dispute with.

Ortiz did not follow his probation officer’s orders and called the woman multiple times. There are also allegations that Ortiz’s family members were involved in contacting the woman.

That woman ended up recording conversations she had with Oritz and gave them to his PO.

Since he did not follow his PO’s directions, Ortiz was arrested and has been in jail for about nine months. This all happened just days after he was released following his third probation violation.

In court Wednesday, Oritz went before Judge Angela Jewell for sentencing. 

Oritz’s attorney claims he suffers from treatable mental health problems.

Prosecutors, however, says he’s had enough chances and needs to be locked up. The state asked that he finish his sentence, so roughly 11 years now, in prison.

Judge Jewell said she’s a “proponent” of treatment and helping someone change, but she also said Ortiz needs to be held accountable after a fourth violation.

She sentenced him to one year behind bars, starting Wednesday. However, she said Ortiz will start rigorous treatment as soon as he is out of jail and that if he messes up again, he will likely go to prison for the remaining 10 years.

Ortiz’s family members were audibly angry in court at the decision, while the family of the woman he was contacting was upset it wasn’t more time behind bars.

After the judge left the courtroom, the two families got into a small scuffle. Court officers had to intervene and separate the two groups and walk them outside.