ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque man connected to at least two cold case murders will stay locked up until his trial. Now more than 30 years after the murder of a University of New Mexico student Althea Oakeley, the man accused of killing her is behind bars and could soon be facing even more charges.

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Despite Paul Apodaca confessing to police to the murder of 21-year-old Oakeley, he did plead not guilty to her death. However, Judge Cindy Leos agreed with the state ruling there is more than enough evidence proving he is a danger to the community.

“Based on his history which includes eight felony convictions, seven of which are violent felonies, some of the allegations in the criminal complaint which aren’t just allegations but statements the defendant made during this investigation,” said Leos.

Earlier this summer, the Albuquerque Police Department says Apodaca walked into the UNM police station and admitted to killing Oakeley. Apodaca told police he saw her walking home and then stabbed her to death.

APD says Apodaca also confessed to the murder of Kaitlyn Arquette in 1989. The 18-year-old Highland High graduate was shot to death downtown while in her car. Apodaca will remain locked up until trial in Oakeley’s case, he has yet to be charged in any other though the prosecution says investigations are still underway.

Apodaca’s DNA is also tied to a cold case rape from the 90s; That evidence was long tied up in the rape kit backlog. At this point, it’s unclear what other crime police believe he could be tied to. Apodaca will go to trial for the murder of Oakeley next September.