ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A man is charged with killing someone in a drunk driving crash in Albuquerque, and just days earlier he was arrested for drunk driving in Roswell. There is now a new video with a look at how he treated police during that Roswell arrest.

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Casino Salazar, who is charged with killing Kevin Barton in Albuquerque, was arrested for driving drunk in Roswell 5 days prior and gave Roswell police a hard time when they were trying to catch him.

After he hit the wall he took off on foot, police chased him to a nearby dried river bed and took him into custody. Officers say Salazar smelled of alcohol.

Officer tried calling out to him to stop during the chase. Salazar said, “I didn’t know who you all were, so.”

Police saw him throwing stuff out of his pocket while he was running away from officers.

Salazar stated, “I threw my fake a** jewelry.”

Salazar had another passenger in the car with him. Police searched the car he was driving and found a handgun and ammo. It was noted in the report that gunshots were heard at a nearby apartment minutes before, and there may have been a connection to Salazar. Police questioned Salazar at their unit and administered a breathalyzer test.

He was read his rights in the back of the police cruiser, but he was apprehensive towards them. Salazar was taken into custody but was not happy about it.

“That’s what I’m saying, if you don’t close the door, I won’t be screaming,” Salazar said while speaking with officers at the jail.

Salazar was released on his own recognizance but ended up in Albuquerque the next week. Salazar is now in custody in Albuquerque for the fatal DWI crash and will be arraigned on those charges next week. Investigators say Salazar was going 96 miles per hour on Montgomery while under the influence when he crashed into Barton killing him.