ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Rachanda Myers was killed 13 months ago while sitting at a median off the Pan American freeway when a car ran her over. Her mother has since been fighting for someone to pay for the crime. On Monday Juan Jose Murillo was indicted for her death. On September 15, 2020, Murillo was exiting the freeway when he told authorities his brakes locked up causing his car to slide hitting Rachanda Myers and killing her. Now just over a year later he is faced with a charge of homicide by vehicle.

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“It’s been a year and I’m just happy something is finally happening for at least him to get in trouble for something. She doesn’t deserve to die like that and him get away with it. I’m happy that something is finally happening,” Rachanda Myers’ brother, Joshua Myers said.

The Myers family says they are satisfied with the charges and extend their forgiveness to Murillo. Myers’ mother, Carol Myers knew her daughter was struggling at the time of her death with drugs. Murillo had told authorities that a vehicle had suddenly stopped in front of him and that is why he locked up his brakes, but he was indicted on the homicide for reckless driving charge. They have not said yet if it was because he was traveling too fast. Myers’ family says but it is still hard to accept their loss.

“To me she’s just going to walk in the door any minute and just say ‘just kidding,’ but I know she’s not, but yeah it is hard it’s not getting any easier as the days go by like everybody tells you it’s getting harder because the more the days pass the more I want to talk to her and the more I miss her,” said Carol Myers.

Myers’ mother hopes to finally close this chapter once Murillo’s case is adjudicated. Rachanda did leave three boys behind.